We want to achieve full immersion on the event, and we don’t want to have complex rules and skills that can get you out of the immersion. To do so, we have created some basic rules based on Somnia’s decalogue and on the Reinos Celtas system.

Tente: Safe word to stop the scene if you’ve had an accident or it’s being to hard to play. Security and common sense are basic and over any artificial rule.

Crossed arms: Ignore whoever has their arms crossed.

Verum: Do whatever is following this word. Ex. ”Verum: you fall asleep”

Stay always in character. It’s important to keep the immersion.

Winning is for losers. On the event, you should always try to create a story with the rest of the players. It is important to concentrate on acting and flowing with the plot. Be creative, share secrets, build tension and release it. Flow with with other people’s actions and try not to stop their options. Cutting someone else’s throat, for example, doesn’t leave many options for the player, so try not to do so.

Skills: You should try to make your actions as real as possible adapting them accordingly to your character skills. You should also have in mind that your character should not have skills that you, as a player, have trouble with.

Violence without any weapon, act. Simulate an attack and your opponent will simulate it’s reaction. Give time to react. Try not to hold nobody strongly nor do any kind of charge. The results depend totally on both of you, but it’s important to have in mind the skills and resistance of your character vs the other character. If you get ambushed the usual outcome is to get knocked out, for example.

Weapons and combat. Foam weapons will be used for short range combat, and pistol replicas for distance combat. Use your weapons according their real weight, not the replica’s one. The effects depend absolutely on your acting. All areas are a valid impact zone, but try not to direct your attack to the head or genitals on purpose. Security is always first, so try not to combat on difficult terrains to avoid accidents.

Wounds and death. You will be always responsible of deciding over your wounds. Usually, a clear impact in an unprotected area of your body, wounds or cripples the it and in vital point could cause major wounds or even death.

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